[ECOS] SNMP authentication problem

Alperen Coskun a_a_coskunoc@hotmail.com
Wed Jun 25 12:05:00 GMT 2008

Hi all,
I'm using SNMP V3 configured in ECOS. I have  a problem like that;
User page on ECOS web site says, we can configure agent authentication for V3 in snmpd.conf file. I'm writing following lines to that
file as below:

createUser username MD5 "password" DES
rwuser username auth

I aim to use authentication with no privacy. Also MD5 for authentication. But, ECOS agent does not create any user like that,
also I see that it doesn't use MD5. (I seached source c files and found nothing)
What am I doing wrong?  I expect after writing lines above in snmd.conf file will create an USM user and with setting SNMP manager
according to that user data,  I can get and set parameters. Could anyone help me?

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