[ECOS] get arm7 registers

trollepi jj jackoaway@hotmail.com
Mon Jun 23 15:11:00 GMT 2008

I want to get the general registers (r0 to r15 in supervisor mode) at anytime.
With the synthetic target I do it with 
#define __get_thread_context(__context__){\
asm(    "mov %%edi,%0 \n\t"\
"mov %%esi,%1 \n\t"\
"mov %%ebp,%2 \n\t"\
"mov %%esp,%3 \n\t"\
"mov %%ebx,%4 \n\t"\
 : "=m" (__context__[S_REG_EDI]),"=m" (__context__[S_REG_ESI]),\
 "=m" (__context__[S_REG_EBP]),"=m" (__context__[S_REG_ESP]),\
 "=m" (__context__[S_REG_EBX]));\
because there was not a lot of registers to save. I would know if anybody have an
idea to get those with a more proper method (like get all registers and store it, with
a specific arm instructions, in memory - in fact in a HAL_SavedRegisters structure).

Thanks a lot for your future help and answers.
Best regards jjp. 
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