[ECOS] Re: eCOS on Freescale i.MX31

Grant Edwards grante@visi.com
Fri Jun 20 15:50:00 GMT 2008

On 2008-06-20, Arne Legern?s <Arne.Legernas@no.thalesgroup.com> wrote:

> We would like to run eCos on the Freescale i.MX31 processor as
> part of a product that we are making, and we have a phyCORE
> i.MX31 DevKit with the i.MX31 processor which we intend to use
> as a basis for HW and SW development.  Our own HW will not be
> available for a long time yet. However, the i.MX31 is not
> listed as being supported by eCos or RedBoot on the eCos home
> page.  What we have, however, is the source code for a RedBoot
> implementation for a different DevKit having the same
> processor (the ADS board, I think).
> Our plan is something like:

> 1) Port RedBoot from the other DevKit to the phyCORE i.MX31
>    DevKit.
> 2) Then build eCos for the phyCORE i.MX31 DevKit using the HW
>    dependent layers (HALs ?) from RedBoot as the bottom layer.
> This plan kind of depends on there being a common HW dependent
> layer for RedBoot and eCos, and that eCos above the HW
> dependent layer is largely HW independent.  Questions: Is this
> a reasonable plan?


> Does anyone know from experience with eCos something about how
> difficult this will be?

If you do indeed have a complete HAL for a different board with
the same processor, then it shouldn't take more than a few days
to do the port.

> And has anyone done any work on running eCos on any i.MX31
> based platform?

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