[ECOS] NPE ethernet not working with Redboot v2.04

Ravi R rr94ca@gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 13:05:00 GMT 2008

We are developing a product based on a board very similar to the Intel IXDP425.
We have taken the Redboot v2.04 source from the Intel IXP400 software
web site and built the source per instructions (with a few small
modifications to GPIO etc) and have installed Redboot on the board.
Redboot seems to be working fine including Serial, PCI configuration
and Flash services.
However, the Ethernet connection is not working.
A default ESA is set correctly, the NPE successfully detects and sets
up the PHY ("success using NPE-B with PHY 0"), the PHY link is
established (Link LED on PHY), the NPE subsystem seems to get
initialized correctly (no errors reported) and the NPE subsystem seems
to accept packets for transmission. However the NPE/Ethernet subsystem
does not appear to send out more than 1 packet (detected on the MII
TX_EN line to the Phy). All subsequent packets are blocked waiting on
the second packet to get transmitted (npe_can_send() returns 0). The
call sequence is as follows:


1st packet:
npe_can_send(): true
 packet passed to NPE subsystem - MII sees packet

2nd packet
npe_can_send() : true
 packet passed to NPE subsystem - MII does not see packet

3rd Packet
npe_can_send() : 0
npe_can_send() : 0
npe_can_send() : 0

A polling function npe_poll() seems to get called after the npe_send -
which I assume should service the Ethernet MAC in someway - for tx
done callback (?) ..
Am digging into the NPE code to understand it, but any help on what to
look for would be appreciated.

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