[ECOS] Re: make: *** *#@!: No such file or directory. Stop.

Preston, Ralph A. rpreston@mitre.org
Tue Jun 17 18:11:00 GMT 2008

>Tom Deconinck wrote:
>>> I've just starting using eCos and am attempting to run the
>>> configuration tool, configtool-060710.exe, using Cygwin on Windows
>>> Checking through the list archives I found someone else had a
>>> problem but their fix doesn't seem to be working for me.
>>> The problem is running Build -> Library in the eCos Configuration
>>> produces this output:
>>> "make -j2 --directory
>>> "/ecos-c/ReadyFlow/4205_1.5/ecos/nonkernel/ecos_build"
>>> make: *** /ecos-c/ReadyFlow/4205_1.5/ecos/nonkernel/ecos_build: No
>>> file or directory.  Stop."
>Did you do Build -> Generate Build Tree first?
>I've just tried building the target without a build tree, that's
>definately the error you'll get.

The steps I follow are:

Open the ecos.ecc file.
Check Tools -> Path -> Build Tools... is correct.
Check Tools -> Path -> User Tools... is correct.
Build -> Generate Build Tree.  Status bar at bottom says Ready.
Build -> Library.  Receive error message.

My next step is to reinstall the libraries on a clean computer.  If
that doesn't work I'll try creating a Linux VmWare image and install it



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