[ECOS] no ecm-file for AT91SAM7X-EK

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Tue Jun 17 16:52:00 GMT 2008

> Well no, I would like to do the job without redboot, but I came to the  
> conclusion, that an application built with eCOS - as e. g. the little  
> expamples that come with eCOS - do not boot without additional support.  

A ROM application will run without any other support. Redboot is just an
eCos application...

> Does that also mean that e. g. the hellow eCOS-world application I built  
> from the examples should run? So far it does not. I download it using our 
> JTAG-Debugger. Then I remove the debugger from the target, pressed reset  
> and expected an output on (one of) its serial interfaces. But there is  
> nothing - which could of course have a pletora of reasons.....

It should work. 

As you said, there are many reasons it might not.  Did you program it
at the right address? Do you have the baud rate right? What crystal
are you using?

The best bet is to use your JTAG interface and debug it. Put a
breakpoint at main() and see if it is hit. You need to be a little
careful here. My JTAG device appears to remap the FLASH away from
address 0. So i tend to start debugging from address 0x00100000, not


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