[ECOS] Changing PLL register was: Configuration for at91sam7se-ek

Davies, Greg Greg.Davies@Ultra-UEMS.com
Tue Jun 17 14:46:00 GMT 2008

> Andrew Lunn
> Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2008 10:20 AM
> To: Davies, Greg
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> Subject: Re: [ECOS] Changing PLL register was: Configuration 
> for at91sam7se-ek
> > The cause of all of it was that there was no PLL filter.
> Im not really a HW engineer, so maybe this is a dumb question...
Neither am I, not by a long shot...

> The Atmel document doc6112.pdf, which is the reference design 
> of the AT91SAM7S, where you missing the two capaciters to 
> ground on either side of the crystal? Or the 
> resister/capacitor network to PLLRC? I guess the second?

It is the second. The electrical guy thought we were running straight
off the crystal, and I typically stop reading when the documentation
gets into hardware stuff, and the problem fit so nicely into that
disconnect. It also didn't help that it worked really well for a while,
and then stopped after a software change. 

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