[ECOS] delete athttpd from official eCos repository?

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Mon Jun 16 14:42:00 GMT 2008

> If the code is acceptable (and assignable!) for eCos, why not
> just send a patch?  It's not that we're not interested, we
> just can't do all the work (nor can we take responsibility
> for things like the copyright assignments, etc)

Assignments are the problem.

There is one contributor who does not have an assignment. I've been
told that this contributors parts are trivial, so probably don't need
an assignment. However i always receive a jumbo patch containing
everything, not a broken down set of patches indicating who has
contributed what. Hence i have no way to say if the patches really are
trivial or do need an assignment.

If i'm provided a broken down set of patch, it will get committed
within a few days. Until then, there is nothing we can do. 


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