[ECOS] Re: Does 256kByte flash and 64kByte RAM + TCP/IP make sense for eCos?

Alex Upchurch alex.upchurch@til.ca
Fri Jun 13 12:37:00 GMT 2008

Øyvind Harboe wrote:
> It seems like the amount of flash + ram available inside a microcontroller
> has been stuck at or below  256kBytes and 64kByte RAM the last 5 years.
> I don't know why, but I guess the silicon required for that amount of
> RAM/flash is comparable to a CPU core + peripherals. <SNIP>...
Anytime I've asked my friend at Freescale why a particular device has a 
given mix of peripherals and memory the answer has always been "That's 
what the original customer asked for" (the original customer gets 
exactly what they want and a few months lead on using the part before it 
goes public).

I guess none of these large lead customers are using eCos in their 


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