[ECOS] Multicast support in AT91 EMAC Ethernet driver

Jürgen Lambrecht J.Lambrecht@televic.com
Fri Jun 13 09:09:00 GMT 2008


we are busy adding multicast support to the AT91 EMAC Ethernet driver.

As code size is often important for eCos users, I was thinking to add an 
#ifdef around the multicast code.
The setting is in /io/eth/current/cdl/eth_drivers.cdl:  
But that is always used this way: 'implements    
CYGINT_IO_ETH_MULTICAST' in the driver cdl (e.g. 

The problem is that you cannot add/remove that option yourself: from 
ecos.ecc: '# This value cannot be modified here.'

So once somebody as extended a driver to support  multicast, that code 
is present in your binary (control() function), even if you don't need it.
That's OK for me. But I don't it's ok for everybody??
Then we could change the cdl option.

Kind regards,

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