[ECOS] run-tests in configtool

Robert Brusa bob.brusa@gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 13:09:00 GMT 2008

Using configtool on my debian etch system, I built an ecos and tests using  
the defaults for the AT91SAM7X-EK board. Then I click on run-tests and  
configure configtool to download using tty1 (where the serial debug-I/F of  
my board is connected). The output I get in the status column of the  
summary register of the "run tests-view" alway reads "NoResult". I did the  
tests with several programs - alsways "NoResult" and this in no time!

I then checked the serial i/o on tty1 with an oscilloscope and found: No  
download and no answer from the board. I also checked the interface by  
sending characters with minicom. The I/F is ok.

Then I changed the download interface to, the address  
and port where my BDI2000 is connected. I launched wireshark, set its  
filter for this address and run again a test. Wireshark did not detect any  
packets to/from the BDI2000.

My first question: Why does configtool not tell me that it has no contact  
with the target. After all, there is a time out specified and it should at  
least hang until this timeout has elapsed. Thank you for your helpful  
answers and regards.

Second question: How can I fix the problem and run these tests?


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