[ECOS] eCos Debug tools

Paul D. DeRocco pderocco@ix.netcom.com
Thu Jun 5 17:50:00 GMT 2008

> From: Emmanuel Coullien
> I'm looking for a debug application which allows to get informations
> from the eCos kernel during a run and also to act with this kernel.
> In fact, I would like an application which can communicate with the
> kernel during the run as we have in VxWorks with Wind View.
> For exemple, I want to be able to do something like that:
> - to see the threads states in real time
> - to know why the thread is sleeping ( waitin for semaphore , message
> box, mutex ...)
> - to see which thread is waiting for which Semaphore or message box or
> mutex, and which thread got the semaphore...
> - to be able to stop or reactivate a thread during the run
> - to add a token in a semaphore
> - to change a variable
> ...
> Is someone know a such tool for eCos ?
> Does someone began a development on a such tool ?

I don't think there's any eCos debugger that can monitor the system while
it's running. The normal debugger used with eCos is GDB, and it's a pretty
conventional old-fashioned debugger that works by freezing the system while
the user manually pokes around. Even interrupts stop while in the debugger.

Also, while GDB can obviously change variables, I don't think there are any
facilities for doing higher-level tweaks like manually signalling a

GDB is a command line debugger, but you can also use Insight, a Tcl/Tk based
front end for it, and there are versions of the Eclipse IDE that are
configured for the Gnu tools. While GDB doesn't have any built-in ability to
see what threads are waiting at a particular object, it might be possible to
invent some sort of script that would do this, but you'd have to read the
kernel sources to see where these lists are.

If you're hoping for tools of Green Hills or Wind River sophistication,
you'll have to use their OSes.


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