[ECOS] Problem when debugging via gdb over ethernet

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Thu Jun 5 15:49:00 GMT 2008

Guenter Ebermann wrote:
> Gary Thomas wrote:
>> Guenter Ebermann wrote:
>>> However if I add a diag_printf between a eth_drv_start() and
>>> eth_drv_stop() my system crashes again. Although I think this
>>> situation is handled correctly in eth_io.c (the console and debug
>>> interface in the redboot), because it reverts to the original
>>> console if a ethernet write or read returned with failure.
>>> I think this error is in the ethernet driver implementation (if_fec.c
>>> MPC5200's FEC driver implementation) of my platform. Anyway,
>>> I think we could live with this for now, because we can also handle
>>> this at application level.
>> Can you elucidate?  Where is this diag_printf() that causes the error?
> I added the diag_printf after a call to eth_drv_stop() just to see if the RedBoot
> ROMRAM debug stub can cope with this possible situation.
> The same thing will happen if a application e.g. disables the ethernet interface
> with an ioctrl.

IMO, that's not something to worry about - this is an "operator error"

>> Where did you get the mpc5200 (if_fec.c) support?  It's not in the
>> public tree...
> We got it by buying an evaluation board called BOA board from Analog
> and Micro to evaluate before building our own hardware.
> It already comes with a ported eCos for the mpc5200. It seems the
> ethernet driver if_fec.c was derived from another one written by
> yourself, because it still contains "gthomas" in the copyright header :-).

Thanks for the info

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