[ECOS] Problem with loader call using arm-elf-gcc

Robert Brusa bob.brusa@gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 09:19:00 GMT 2008

I am using the arm-elf gnutools that come with ecos. To be precise: I  
would like to use it, because there is an error message I were I am stuck.

I am running a Makefile from within Eclipse (3.3.2), the arm-elf-gcc is  
3.2.1. The program I want to compile is a simple Hello World exercise. It  
is - together with its Makefile - downloaded from ATMELs web site. I had  
this same example on a windows XP PC using yagartos toolchain. It worked.  
Now on my debian etch PC I get the following error message:

arm-elf-gcc -g  -nostartfiles -Wl,--gc-sections  
-T"../at91lib/boards/at91sam7x-ek/at91sam7x256/flash.lds" -o  
bin/My5-at91sam7x256-flash.elf obj/board_cstartup.o obj/main.o obj/stdio.o  
obj/dbgu.o obj/pio.o obj/board_memories.o obj/board_lowlevel.o
cannot find -lg
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [flash] Fehler 1

The sequence of the Makefile that causes this error is the following:

	$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -T"$(AT91LIB)/boards/$(BOARD)/$(CHIP)/$@.lds" -o  
$(OUTPUT)-$@.elf $^
	$(OBJCOPY) -O binary $(OUTPUT)-$@.elf $(OUTPUT)-$@.bin

I was not able to find out what this error message means. Furthermore,  
when using the yagarto-toolchain, the gcc-calling commandline ended with  
board_lowlevel.o and the it proceeded to the OBJCOPY-call.

Thank you and regards Robert

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