[ECOS] Problem with 2ram section

Andrey Baboshin ababoshin@tepkom.ru
Mon Jun 2 15:25:00 GMT 2008

Hi, all.

I try to build and run the redBoot for MPC8313. Flash is S29GL128N.
Building is ok, but when I run "fconfig -i" the system outputs "... Program
from ..." and then hangs.
I have some experiments with order of implementation flash routines in
flash_am29xxxxx.inl file and find
the order have effect on process of execution. If I move the
flash_program_buf function to top of this file
then it executes more the one lines but then it hangs also.
I have found also every function in *.inl locates in 2ram-section. I think
it contains problem - 2ram section is too small.
How can I enlarge the 2ram section?
Do some one have same problems?

thank you.

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