[ECOS] eCos 3.0 planning

Ormund Williams ormundw@panix.com
Fri Jul 18 11:19:00 GMT 2008

On Fri, 2008-07-18 at 11:52 +0100, John Dallaway wrote:
> eCos community
> The assignment of copyright in the eCos public sources to the FSF is now 
> complete and it is time to push forward with our plans for a new release 
> of eCos. A new release at this time is important for a number of reasons:
Three cheers!!!

... snip ...

> We will be aiming to release eCos 3.0 towards the end of September 2008 
> and will therefore branching in August. If you have any local patches 
> that you would like to see incorporated into the new release, please 
> submit them for review as soon as possible, allowing time for the 
> copyright assignment process.

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