[ECOS] Network debuggers & diag_printf

Eduardo Sabaj esabaj@hasar.com
Fri Jul 4 15:34:00 GMT 2008

I would like to disable the following debuggers related to the net. I 
imagine that it may be a simple thing, but I did't work out how to do it...

[cyg_net_init] Init: mbinit(0x00000000)
[cyg_net_init] Init: cyg_net_init_devs(0x00000000)
Init device 'r6040_eth0'
[cyg_net_init] Init: loopattach(0x00000000)
[cyg_net_init] Init: ifinit(0x00000000)
[cyg_net_init] Init: domaininit(0x00000000)
[cyg_net_init] Init: cyg_net_add_domain(0x0019e1a0)
New domain internet at 0x00000000
[cyg_net_init] Init: cyg_net_add_domain(0x0019da40)
New domain route at 0x00000000
[cyg_net_init] Init: call_route_init(0x00000000)
[cyg_net_init] Done
BOOTP[eth0] op: REPLY
       htype: Ethernet
        hlen: 6
        hops: 0
         xid: 0x0
        secs: 0
       flags: 0x0
       hw_addr: 00:1b:eb:74:00:dd
     client IP:
         my IP:
     server IP:
    gateway IP:
        subnet mask:
       IP broadcast:

I would also like to know how diag_printf works, since some (or all) of 
the debuggers listed above were printed by using this function. Could it 
be disabled by configtool?

By the way, I've already unchecked the following MACROS on configtool:


I unchecked also:

- I/O sub-system -> Common ethernet support -> RDC R6040 ethernet driver 
-> Print ethernet device status info during startup
- I/O sub-system -> Serial device drivers -> TTY-mode serial device 
drivers -> Console device name -> "/dev/null"

Any idea??

Best Regards


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