[ECOS] eCos for MPC565 - new user

Ilija Koco ilijak@siva.com.mk
Thu Jan 31 16:11:00 GMT 2008

Andrew Lunn wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 31, 2008 at 10:41:30AM +0000, ANILA SOOMRO wrote:
>> Hello
>> I am a new user of eCos and ultimately want to run eCos on a Phytec's MPC565 board.
>> I have downloaded eCos and the the hal package does have a mpc5xx folder.
>> I have read the instructions for rebuilding RedBoot which talks about the Redboot configuration file for that platform, redboot_RAM.ecm or redboot_ROM.ecm but these files are not available in the mpc5xx folder.
>> Can anyone tell me from where to get these files or how to build RedBoot for MPC565 from the scratch?
>> What steps do I need to follow to run RedBoot on MPC565?
>> Any help would be highly appreciated.
> The mpc5xx package provides generic code for the mpc5xx processor
> family. In addition to that you need code specific to your board. eg
> look at the cme555 and ec555 packages. These contain the
> redboot_RAM.ecm files for that specific board.
> You need to first port eCos to your specific board. I don't know the
> PPC families, but maybe you can use either the ec555 or the cme555 as
> a starting point.
Porting from one to other platform shouldn't be big problem. May need
changes in memory map and eventually boot-loader. This would give 1st
prompt. Then you may need drivers for hw that is different between old
and new target if such exists: flash, ethernet, etc.
>   Andrew

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