[ECOS] snmp with bitmap schedule

wang_libo wang_libo@cortina-systems.com.cn
Thu Jan 31 10:42:00 GMT 2008

Hi Guru's
  I need enable snmp function in my project which use bitmap schedule? When
I add the package, I get blow errors. It seems SNMP is conflict with bitmap
schedule. How should I deal with it? Does the SNMP can work with bitmap
schedule in eCos? I use FreeBSD networking stack.
U CYGBLD_ISO_NETDB_PROTO_HEADER, new inferred value <net/netdb.h>
U CYGBLD_ISO_NETDB_SERV_HEADER, new inferred value <net/netdb.h>
U _POSIX_THREAD_PRIO_INHERIT, new inferred value 0
U _POSIX_THREAD_PRIO_PROTECT, new inferred value 0
C CYGSEM_KERNEL_SCHED_TIMESLICE, "requires" constraint not satisfied:
C CYGINT_KERNEL_SCHEDULER, "requires" constraint not satisfied: 1 ==
C CYGINT_ISO_SIGNAL_NUMBERS, "requires" constraint not satisfied:  1 >=
C CYGINT_ISO_SIGNAL_IMPL, "requires" constraint not satisfied:  1 >=
C CYGPKG_POSIX_SIGNALS, "requires" constraint not satisfied:
CYGBLD_ISO_SIGNAL_NUMBERS_HEADER ==  "<cyg/posix/signal.h>"
C CYGPKG_POSIX_SIGNALS, "requires" constraint not satisfied:
CYGBLD_ISO_SIGNAL_IMPL_HEADER ==  "<cyg/posix/signal.h>"

Many tks.
Libo wang

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