[ECOS] RAM Images on AT91SAM7s256

Alois Z. alois@gmx.at
Mon Jan 28 17:10:00 GMT 2008

> With only 64Kbytes of RAM, you will be very limited to what you can
> do. I strongly suggest you get a JTAG debugger which can set hardware
> breakpoints. You can then run your application from ROM and single
> step, set a couple of breakpoints etc. 
I know, but for first test 64k are quite fine. And for my first tests I like to be as none invasive as possible. The board is the mindstorms NXT board and to have JTAG debugging I would need to disassamble the brick and solder a connector in. However I can image that I will not come far without debugging support.

> How are you going to get this image into RAM?

I thought of useing sam-ba for loading and starting images.
> You also need to make sure that RAM is mapped to address 0x0 as well
> as 0x00200000. I know ROM startup does this, but i think RAM startup
> probably does not.
Is this necessary for the vectors to be at the right place?

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