[ECOS] arm7 lpc2xxx abort data exception

Jean-David Vuillemain jdvuillemain@gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 23:38:00 GMT 2008


i have been working with ecos for a couple of months now. I had no
problem at all with a 8 months old repository source files and my own
port for my target board. After some problem with my working
environment  and updating the ecos source files, i can't have my old
work and my new  code running on the board.
It seems that my code always go through the same steps and finishes by
 an exception abort data.

Here is the code where it fails:
0x80020070 <start>:    ldr r0, [pc, #1020]    ; 0x80020474 <.init_flag>
0x80020074 <start+4>:  ldr r1, [r0]
0x80020078 <start+8>:  cmp r1, #0    ; 0x0
0x8002007c <start+12>: bne 0x80020078 <start+8>
0x80020080 <start+16>: ldr r1, [pc, #196]    ; 0x8002014c <init_done>
0x80020084 <start+20>: str r1, [r0]
0x80020088 <start+24>: mov r0, #0    ; 0x0
0x8002008c <start+28>: ldr r1, [pc, #988]    ; 0x80020470
0x80020090 <start+32>: cmp r7, #19    ; 0x13
0x80020094 <start+36>: beq 0x800200a0 <start+48>
0x80020098 <start+40>: ldr r2, [r1, #40]
0x8002009c <start+44>: str r2, [r0, #40]
0x800200a0 <start+48>: ldr r2, [r1, #24]
0x800200a4 <start+52>: str r2, [r0, #24]    <-- this line fails on my
old and new programs
It ends up in an abort data:
0x00000010 swp             r1, r3, [r2]

Someone has a hint to solve this problem??

Thanks in advance.


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