[ECOS] Problem with TCP/IP stack

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Thu Jan 10 13:55:00 GMT 2008

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Antoine Zen-Ruffinen wrote:
> The target platform is an embed PC with NS dp83816 NIC. I've port the
> eCos driver my self for the PC platform.
> I configure eCos with the configtool, just using the template I made
> and the "net" package.
> No, I didn't run a standard eCos network test program. But I build an
> redboot with this configuration. If I type ping -n 1000 -r 1 -h
> (is my host PC) everything went fine !

This is only partly relevant - RedBoot uses a completely different
network stack than normal eCos applications.  Also, RedBoot does
not use interrupts, which the eCos stacks rely on.

> I know that nothing was send : 1 becose network activity led doesn't
> blink, 2 I monitor network with Wireshark (Ethereal). the monitoring
> trace show the TFTP exchange and the DHCP init but nothing more. It
> look like this :
> No.     Time        Source                Destination           Protocol Info
>   69504 25.515675       TFTP
>   Data Packet, Block: 452
>   69505 25.516279        TFTP
>   Acknowledgement, Block: 452
>   69506 25.516289       TFTP
>   Data Packet, Block: 453
>   69507 25.516662        TFTP
>   Error Code, Code: Not defined, Message: redboot
> tftp_stream_terminate
>   69508 25.826093            DHCP
>   DHCP Discover - Transaction ID 0x6c1dfce9
>   69511 26.074789            DHCP
>   DHCP Discover - Transaction ID 0x6c1dfce9
>   69512 26.304739            DHCP
>   DHCP Discover - Transaction ID 0x6c1dfce9
>   69514 26.451407            DHCP
>   DHCP Request  - Transaction ID 0x6c1dfde9
>   69516 26.839890   Olicom_c8:1d:6c       Broadcast             ARP
>   Who has  Gratuitous ARP

Did your eCos application print anything about the DHCP transaction?
I'm betting that it did not (which would imply you are having trouble
with receive interrupts from your driver)

> 2008/1/10, Gary Thomas <gary@mlbassoc.com>:
>> Antoine Zen-Ruffinen wrote:
>>> Hi List folks,
>>> I've a problem with the TCP/IP stack:
>>> - I use TFTP to load my program in redboot. That work fine.
>>> - My application start, call init_all_network_interfaces(), it do the
>>> DHCP stuff. That work fine.
>>> - Then I open a socket and try to send / receive data. No packet is even send.
>>> Does someone has already seen such problem ?
>>> Any idea ?
>> We'll need more data than this in order to help.
>>    * What's the target platform?
>>    * How did you configure eCos for your failing application?
>>    * Have you run any of the standard eCos network test programs?
>>    * How do you know nothing was sent?  What sort of debugging
>>      have you tried so far?

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