[ECOS] pragma pack

Bernard Fouché bernard.fouche@kuantic.com
Wed Jan 9 14:51:00 GMT 2008

First try reorganizing your structure to have the biggest item at the 
beginning, that will avoid 'loosing' intermediary bytes:

typedef struct {
   cyg_uint16 timestamp;
   cyg_uint8 command2_byte;
   cyg_uint8 data3;
   cyg_uint8 data4;
} pelco_pattern;

Your target may also require that all items have to be 16 bits aligned 
(that would explain whyt #prama pack(1) gave nothing). In that case try, 
as you are not looking for speed:

typedef struct {
   cyg_uint16 timestamp;
   cyg_uint16 command2_byte_and_data3;
   cyg_uint8 data4;
} pelco_pattern;

With 16bits alignment you should fall back to a 6 bytes data structure, but you'll need code to manage 'command2_byte' and 'data3', so this will add to your program size, as it will slow processing.

Hope it helps!


Alexandre wrote:
> Hi everybody (and happy new year would i add),
> I'd like to use the pragma pack(1) in one of my applications to align
> properly a 5 bytes structures array into flash.
> I know that packing reduces greatly the performances of the system but
> performance is not really my problem here as i'm actually looking for
> more memory and would greatly need to pack things up a little bit.
> I tried to declare the next structure as shown, with the pragmas, but
> it's still 8 bytes large, either read with a sizeof(pelco_pattern) or
> after being written in rom:
> #pragma pack(1)
> typedef struct {
>    cyg_uint8 command2_byte;
>    cyg_uint8 data3;
>    cyg_uint8 data4;
>    cyg_uint16 timestamp;
> } pelco_pattern;
> #pragma pack()
> Am I doing something wrong here ? Is it even possible to use "pack"'s
> pragmas within ecos ? Am I missing some compiler directives ?
> I am using the arm-elf-gcc compiler and the lpc2xxx / arm version of ecos.
> The compiler does not say anything about the line with the pragma in it.
> Thanks in advance for you answers ^^
> Alex Garcia
> Hymatom SA

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