[ECOS] Getting access to submissions to the old RHEPL version

Bryan Childs godeater@gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 11:48:00 GMT 2008

Greetings list,

I'm a member of the Rockbox (www.rockbox.org) project amongst whom a
number of people have expressed a recent interest in a port of our
software to the old Rio Karma digital audio player. We've had some
contact with members of the team originally responsible for the design
of this player who informed us that it ran a version of the eCos
system. They suggested that getting access to some diffs they sent
back to redhat would be an excellent way forward for us in terms of
understanding the hardware.

Having checked out both the most recent version of eCos and the last
available RHEPL version from the CVS source archive, I can't seem to
find any evidence of the patches which Rio submitted after doing their
work on the player. Either this means I'm a bit stupid / ililterate,
or they have never been released publicaly. Is there anybody
subscribed to this list who is in a position to either confirm this,
and / or point me in the right direction for getting hold of this
code? It would be immensely valuable to our team, as the hardware in
the Rio Karma doesn't have any available documentation that we've ever
been able to find - and the current owners of the hardware have been
singularly unhelpful when it comes to replying to emails on the
subject (i.e. they haven't - they just ignore us).

Many thanks for any help,

Bryan Childs

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