[ECOS] Re: Modifications to to ADC LPC24xx

Uwe Kindler uwe_kindler@web.de
Wed Dec 24 00:13:00 GMT 2008

Hello Peter,

I've created the LPC24xx ADC driver. There are some differences between 
the older LPC2xxx ADC layout and between the newer LPC24xx and LPC23xx 
ADC peripheral. You should check if this driver is applicable for 
LPC2xxx variants with minor modifications. If the driver works also for 
LPC2xxx variants then you can provide a patch that converts the LPC24xx 
ADC driver into a generic LPC2xxx ADC driver.

I've also created the LPC2xxx CAN driver an also used this driver with 
the Olimex LPC2294 header board. So if you have further questions 
regarding the CAN drive you can contact me.

Regards, Uwe

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