[ECOS] CAN-problems

Peter Last NameHuszar duci750@yahoo.com
Mon Dec 22 22:47:00 GMT 2008

I have just started to use eCOS for an Olimex LCP-H2294.
The basic setup works, I could flash led as a thread, using Redboot ROM monitor,
but ran into problem when adding CAN support.

I modified the ecos.db to include the generic CAN device driver and the LPC2xxx
specific CAN device driver.

First of all, in "I/O subsystem/CAN device drivers/Philips LPC2xxx CAN.."
set up the  "Allow Access to the on-chip CAN 0 .." is selected, but grey.

More importantly some defines are not set properly e.g. CYGINT_IO_CAN_CHANNELS
does not seem to have the proper count.

Since I am a novice with eCOS, I might be doing something simple the wrong way.

I have not found any solution for my problem in the archives. Would appreciate some




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