[ECOS] FW: Adding flash device using the flash v2 drivers

Alex Lindeijer Alex.L@3D-Perception.com
Fri Dec 19 14:32:00 GMT 2008

We have a controller card with a MPC8541 on it and a spansion S29GL512
flash. We used the Python eval board from A&M to start the ecos based
development. The ecos supplied was base don the legacy v1 flash drivers.
We are experiencing some verification problems on certain higher
addresses when accessing it from our application but everything is OK
when writing to flash from Redboot.
Therefore I wanted to tryt he v2 flasher driver to see whether that
makes a difference.. It seems I have (almost) everything in place but
get at startup

ASSERT FAIL: <4>flash.c[231]cyg_flash_init() incorrect number of flash

Question is now: how do I add the flash device to the cyg_flashdevtab? I
suppose I have to do this in the board specific python.c under

When adding an extra ethernet port it was quit clear how to add it to
the netdevtab using the NETDEVTAB_ENTRY macro. Is there something
similar for adding a flash device?

And: can I run flash v2 in my applicattion and the legacy in my

Thanks in advance
Alex Lindeijer
3D Perception - Senior System Designer

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