[ECOS] SPARC Support

David Schollmeyer dschollmeyer@gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 10:12:00 GMT 2008


I'm wondering about the current status of the SPARC architecture in
eCos. I'm trying to port to an embedded SPARC core with 16 register
windows. The latest code in CVS hard codes 8 windows and does not seem
to support increasing beyond that. I found a patch from Gaisler
Research (ftp://gaisler.com/gaisler.com/ecos/src/patches) that
incorporates the changes necessary for a larger window count. Will
this patch be incorporated into CVS before the 3.0 build? I'm not sure
if I should be using this patch on the latest trunk from eCosCentric
or if I should use the latest version downloadable from Gaisler
(v1.0.8 from Feb 15, 2008).

David Schollmeyer

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