[ECOS] Re: Re: [ECOS] how to run redboot on LPC2148

Simon Kallweit simon.kallweit@intefo.ch
Wed Dec 10 09:19:00 GMT 2008

abhishek srivastava wrote:
> simon,
> this is what i m getting when i run the "HAL basic test" for ROM startup as said by u:
> PASS:<HAL_xSBIT_INDEX() basic functions>
> PASS:<hal_setjmp()/hal_longjmp() basic functions>
> EXIT:<HAL basic functions test>

That looks fine, the test PASSes. What that means is that you got the 
very very basics working, compiling a test, flashing it to the target 
and actually running it. Fine!

> every time i press the reset button, this message is being displayed on my hyperterminal!!
> now what u think?? where is the fault??

That's the correct behaviour. It's no fault.

You can now continue with some other tests. I would run some kernel 
tests next: stress_threads, timeslice, timeslice2, tm_basic. This will 
make sure that basic context switching and all is working. When this 
succeeds, go back to Redboot (if you need it) or start writing your own 
application. Unfortunately I do not have much experience with the GDB 
support integrated in eCos, I used the JTAG for debugging until now, and 
most of my application development happens on the synthetic target.


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