[ECOS] CDL include_files property

Bart Veer bartv@ecoscentric.com
Fri Dec 5 23:22:00 GMT 2008

>>>>> "Jay" == Jay Foster <jay@systech.com> writes:

    Jay> I have a situation where I need to have some header files
    Jay> copied from their repository directory
    Jay> (<package>/current/include/) to the install tree
    Jay> (.../install/include/). I added these files using an
    Jay> "include_files" property in the package CDL file, but they
    Jay> don't get copied to the install tree. The files do not have a
    Jay> .h or .hxx file extension. Is there some way to make this
    Jay> work.

    Jay> As a (bad) kludge, I can add a source file that includes
    Jay> them, which creates a dependency rule in the makefile that
    Jay> does copy them, but only when the package is actually built,
    Jay> not when the install tree is populated. These header files
    Jay> can also be used by other packages, which might get compiled
    Jay> first (and fail).

I am not aware of any problems in this area, and the include_files
property is used in a number of packages (objloader, httpd, ...) so I
assume it works fine for those. You'll need to do some investigation
to find out exactly what does and does not work.

Alternatively you could use one or more custom build rules, see e.g.
architectural HAL, but it would be better to investigate the
include_files issue.


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