[ECOS] how to run redboot on LPC2148

Sergei Gavrikov sg@belvok.com
Thu Dec 4 11:00:00 GMT 2008

abhishek srivastava writes:
> i had build img file for redboot. had also got .bin file for that. now
> i converted bin file of redboot into hex and using Flash utility,
> moved it onto my LPC2148 board. but how to make it run?? any command

Let's assume that you built and did burn the RedBoot image for target.
Setup windows hyperterm as 38400,n,8,1. Open it for your serial port and
reset a board. What do you see then? Do you see Redboot's prompt? If you
do... Copy and paste RedBoot's welcome screen and send it. It's just
interesting, What RAM limits: %{FREEMEMLO}, %{FREEMEMLO} you got? Try to
press '+' in hypertem. You have to see a GDB packet. Does RedBoot reply
on '+' character? What do you see?

> i have 1 more question, how to transfer .img file onto target??is
> every time we need to have bin file and convert to hex then transfer??

GDB loads ELF images!

And again, read RedBoot's guide


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