[ECOS] FYI: ixp4xx with trunk

Jose Vasconcellos jvasco@verizon.net
Wed Dec 3 15:16:00 GMT 2008

To ixp4xx developers,

I've been using the ixp4xx tree found here that has support for the NPEs:
The difference with the trunk is that it supports newer CPUs (ixp43x, 
as well as the NPEs for ethernet.

I've merged this back to the trunk and compiled with gcc4.3.2. I've tested
with my board configuration (very similar to grg) and it seems to work
fine in ROM and RAM modes.

There were no significant obstacles. The merging took place in the
packages/hal/arm/xscale/ixp425 part of the tree; the NPE driver didn't
require any changes (packages/devs/eth/intel/npe).


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