[ECOS] eCos port for MPC5567 (e200z6)

Lars Poeschel larsi@wh2.tu-dresden.de
Tue Dec 2 22:30:00 GMT 2008

Am Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2008 schrieb Vladimir Nikolov:
> >>> I've done a port to the MB91302 controller, which is a predecessor. It
> >>> shouldn't be much effort to do a MB91460 port based on that.
> >>
> >> How much time did you spend making it?
> >
> > I think in sum it was about 3 - 4 months but you can not compare this
> > because I had to do the whole port including the initial fr30
> > architecture port, mb91302 variant and a platform.
> > You now have in both cases a running archtitecture port (powerpc or fr30)
> > and a variant that is very close to what you need. So most of the porting
> > effort is already done. What you have to do hardly depends on the
> > platform you have and the drivers you need.
> > What kind of evaluation board do you have ?
> I still cannot decide between the "FlexDevel Starter" evaluation boards
> (with the MPC5567) http://www.tzm.de/Flexray/FlexDevel_Starter.html
> and the Fujitsu SK-91465X-100PMC (with the MB91460)
> http://mcu.emea.fujitsu.com/mcu_tool/detail/SK-91465X-100PMC.htm .
> Well, actually the MB91460 seems to have a fr60 architecture.
> Unfortunatelly, I cannot assess whether a new fr60 architecture port
> would be necessary for the latter.

No, as far as I know the fr60 is absolutely software compatible to fr50 and 
fr30. The instruction set architecture did not change as well as interrupt 
exception handling.

It seems, you are interested in Flexray. It think most of the time porting 
ecos you will spend in developing drivers.

> >> I'm thinking about how long it would take to do a MPC5567 port on my
> >> own, because this MCU is a little more powerful
> >> than the MB91460 ...
> >
> > You have to decide on your own (or ask ecoscentric if they have a
> > commercial port ready to use for you).
> Thats a good idea, maybe they have!
> > I would be glad to see another fr30 architecture,
> > with powerpc you have an architecture port that is more established and
> > tested...
> That is also a reason why I tend to the FlexDevel Starter Board ...

The decision is up to you. I think porting to the MB91460 will be a bit easier 
because of the simpler architecture, but if you have done the MPC5567 you 
will have a bit more fun with it. (I think I would also tend to the MPC...)

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