[ECOS] changing compile source in cdl based on platform

Tyler Wilson TWilson@ugobe.com
Mon Dec 1 18:51:00 GMT 2008

Good day,

FYI, I looked through the CDL guide, but could not find an answer. I
apologize if it is in there, but I think I did try.

I have a component I am adding to our eCos repository, via the CDL. One
of the modules has assembly language versions for different platforms -
x86, ARM, etc. I would like to know how to specify this in the CDL
properly. Something like

cdl_option CYG_USE_ASM {
    compile  {
        if is_defined(HAL_ARM) {
        if is_defined(HAL_X86) {

I know these are really just Tcl scripts, but I am not familiar enough
with Tcl to know the proper syntax, and I thought it would be easier for
somebody on this list to give me an example.

Also, I have tried just adding a .S file to a component, but it is not
being included in the build when 'make'ing. Is there any other magic I
need to enable the assembly of .S files? Also, does the case of the .S
matter? I am using cygwin, btw.

Thank you,

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