[ECOS] Strata Flash access problem

Zaahir kn.zahirkhan@gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 04:56:00 GMT 2008


Thanks for ur support I was able to modify the platform.h file.
I am using customized iMx27ADS board.
Using Redboot src provided by FreeScale.

(Non-certified release, version FSL 200749
Platform: MX27 ADS/EVB (Freescale i.MX27 based) PASS 2.1 [x32 SDR])

With that support (platform.h) modification.
we are able to detect Intel Strata Flash  JS48F4400VB00s.
Its a 64MB (2-die)  flash. Each die of 32MB

We are able to accesses  Lower 32MB of Flash (0xC000 0000 - 0xC1FFFFFF).

Our flash is address from 0xC000 0000 to 0xC400 0000

When we are trying to access upper 32MB getting error illegal memory 
access .

... Unlock from 0xc3fe0000-0xc4000000: ** command abort - illegal memory 

... Erase from 0xc2000000-0xc2020000: ** command abort - illegal memory 

Please help !!!!!

Thanks & regards,

Zaahir Khan

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