[ECOS] Looking in a future: VCS for eCos 3.0

Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Fri Aug 29 15:02:00 GMT 2008

Sergei Gavrikov wrote:
> Hello
> It's possible it is an off-topic, but, looking in the nearest future of
> eCos project http://sourceware.org/ml/ecos-discuss/2008-07/msg00057.html
> I did think, It's possible, it is a good moment to change VCS (version
> control system) for eCos development? A couple of years it was/is CVS.
> The CVS has a well know limitations, and today, most of the developers
> select Distributed VCS. The famous are bk, git, hg. ... I do not want
> to fire the VCS flame here, but, if in the "eCos 3.0 planning" said

A switch of VCS is probably something to tackle very soon after eCos 3.0
rather than before. I agree that it's time to move forward from CVS.

I've had a look at Bazaar and would need a bit of convincing personally, at
the least at this stage of its development.  I found this an interesting
(including the comments). I'm still more inclined towards Mercurial,
although SVN is an obvious possibility just really due to its more
widespread use and slightly better client support (in addition both of
which are available on sourceware.org, but Bazaar isn't). But I'd really
really prefer to have something distributed.

When the time comes, we can see what it looks like then. The decision isn't
just mine of course.

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