[ECOS] unable to locate Tcl header file tcl.h

Christian Jaeger christian@jaeger.mine.nu
Mon Aug 11 17:34:00 GMT 2008

Sergei Gavrikov wrote:
> Don't mess up eCos build tree by auto* tools...

But I don't understand how to make your patch work then.

> cd E
> vi +84 README.host
> I use the way (a) just to build eCos _configtool_.
> mkdir -pv build ; cd build
> TCL_INC_DIR=<your path> ../host/configure <your options>
> make && make install

What is /host/ in your path? There is no directory named "host" in my 
cvs checkout. And there are only these configure scripts -- which one do 
you mean?

chris@novo:/home/chrisarm/src/ecos-cvsgit$ find -name configure

> You assume that eCos configure conform with GNU coding standard, so,
> look at http://www.ecosforge.net/pmwiki/index.php/Projects/Hosttools

(Is this worthwhile? I seem to be running into enough problems already)


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