[ECOS] IPv6 Link Local Address - Link ID?

Shaun Louie sal@microplex.com
Fri Apr 18 20:29:00 GMT 2008


When I add a new link local address using SIOCAIFADDR_IN6, the 
in6_control() function sets a Link ID (3rd and 4th bytes) equal to the 
interface index. Using ioctl with SIOCGIFCONF after setting the address, 
I see that the link local address has this Link ID part set to 0x0001. 
The problem is that from another machine, I cannot ping the link local 
address that has the Link ID set, but only the original link local 
address I intended to program to the stack. Maybe the Link ID part of 
the link local address is only for internal use within the stack?

Another issue is with the Link ID itself - why is it needed and where is 
it being used? If there is more than one interface, each interface 
should be given its own MAC address, and therefore the device should 
generate different link local addresses for each interface. There should 
be no need to add a separate field in the link local address to 
differentiate between interfaces, if that is what it is for.

Thanks in advance,
Shaun Louie

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