[ECOS] User libraries

Davies, Greg Greg.Davies@Ultra-UEMS.com
Thu Apr 17 11:41:00 GMT 2008

> So instead I've created two separate projects, eCos_build and 
> eCos_install in eclipse and that works fine.

I didn't have to import them seperately, I have a project folder with my
.ecc files, then _build and _install are created by the configurator
under here, so they automatically appear in my project. 
Make is run from the project folder.
Build command:
make --directory Sothoc_Debug_build
Build Directory:

This way I can delete the _build and _install directories entirely when
things get fouled up, which they do from time to time, and it doesn't
delete the .project files on me. I find sometimes I'll change the
configuration, and it wil work fine, but if I delete the folders and
generate the build tree again, it no longer compiles, or no longer works
the same. Now I remove the directories regularly to make sure I can
always get a good build from scratch, but that's a whole different
topic. Don't change your working structure unless you run in to problems

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