[ECOS] FW: eCOsPro - is it worth the money

Anders Olsen aol@sagio.com
Mon Apr 7 17:18:00 GMT 2008

The target is a ST based ARM (STR71x  ARM7TDMI). Well we have the eCOS
running on the target basically en has started writing drivers for our
platform (I2C, SPI, , Realtime, Atmel Dataflash...) 

But when looking at the JIFFS2 filesystem, it requires Flash drivers V2.
But Flash driver V2 seams not to be available in the CVS.

Another point by eCOSPro is that i contains a more stable version of the
JIFFS2 filesystem, than the one available  through CVS.


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Anders Olsen wrote:
> Hi
> We're small development team looking at the eCOS OS. As far as we can 
> see, the source code available in the CVS is quite old and we have to 
> buy the eCOSPro package from eCosCentric in order to get sourcecode 
> there is up-to-date.

I beg to differ; the CVS is fully up to date.  There may be offerings
(targets and features) which eCosPro has that aren't available, but
AFAIK, nothing that makes the CVS out of date...

> Is the eCOSPro worth the money or not....  

It depends.  eCosPro would be indicated if:
   * You need a target or feature that they provide not in CVS
   * You want paid technical support

What target are you looking at?
What features do you need?

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