[ECOS] jffs2 write in 4kB blocks over the network?

Markus Schaber schabi@logix-tt.com
Mon Apr 7 13:26:00 GMT 2008

Hi, Jürgen,

Jürgen Lambrecht <J.Lambrecht@televic.com> wrote:

> the default block size in jffs2 is 4kB. But with FTP, packets have at 
> most 1448 B payload.
> If I put a file of 12kB, is the file then put in 3 nodes if 4kB, or is 
> it put in 9 nodes (because FTP uses 9 packets) ?

Besides what Jürgen wrote, it also depends on how your FTP program
buffers, which parts it writes in a single write call, and when it
syncs/flushes buffers.


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