[ECOS] Erroneous Network Traffic Affects Ethernet Debugging on PowerPC

Mike Arthur arth2219@gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 15:43:00 GMT 2007

> It seems to me that you're describing two different problems.
> The first - debugging over the network fails when the network
> is saturated.
> Remember that debugging via the network is a cooperating effort.
> RedBoot and your eCos application share the same hardware and
> if something gets unhappy in this process, then the whole thing
> will fail.  Given the hardware and it's limitations (e.g. you
> don't have a separate ethernet controller and stack, etc. for
> debugging), then there is no other way for it to work.  One
> would have to diagnose the problem, probably using an out of
> band tool like JTAG.
> The second problem you describe is an old one.  Again, since
> the ethernet hardware is being shared, things can get confused,
> especially during system startup.  What's happening is that the
> eCos application is reinitializing the network hardware, but at
> the same time, trying to print messages using that same hardware.
> This simply can't work.  I put a change into the stack (years ago)
> that side-steps this by forcing those initialization messages
> to go to the raw serial console, rather than via the network.
> A couple of questions:
>  * What's your target?
Motorola MVME6100

>   * CPU?
MPC7457 1.3GHz

> There are many PowerPC choices and
>    most have their own drivers, etc.  It would be nice to know
>    which one you are having trouble with.
We wrote the HAL and the ethernet driver.

>  * What's the vintage of your eCos source tree.  As mentioned,
>    some of these things have been worked on and may be fixed, just
>    not in the sources you are using.
We are currently using a release from eCosCentric v2.0.51.  We were
able to compile a GRUB RedBoot i386 target w/i82559 driver.  The i386
target ran heaptest (net template), just a little slower than normal.
We did not test the "default" target.

Thanks for your help,

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