[ECOS] [Fwd: AT91SAM7S : cyg_io_write /dev/ser0]

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Fri Sep 7 10:01:00 GMT 2007

> OK, when doing so I get the following result when building ecos library :
> packages/devs/serial/arm/at91/current/src/at91_serial.c:506: structure has
> no member named `data_xmt_req'
> packages/devs/serial/arm/at91/current/src/at91_serial.c: In function
> `at91_serial_DSR':
> packages/devs/serial/arm/at91/current/src/at91_serial.c:613: structure has
> no member named `data_rcv_req'
> /packages/devs/serial/arm/at91/current/src/at91_serial.c:624: structure has
> no member named `data_rcv_done'
> packages/devs/serial/arm/at91/current/src/at91_serial.c:647: structure has
> no member named `data_xmt_done'
> packages/devs/serial/arm/at91/current/src/at91_serial.c:652: structure has
> no member named `data_xmt_req'
> When CYGINT_IO_SERIAL_BLOCK_TRANSFER is not defined "_data_rcv_req,
> _data_rcv_done, _data_xmt_req, _data_xmt_done" are excluded from structure
> definition in serial.h. 
> Do you think that some #if defined CYGINT_IO_SERIAL_BLOCK_TRANSFER are
> missing in at91_serial.c ?

It looks like it :-(

This is something to fix later.

I guess you will have to single step through the code and work out
what is happening....


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