[ECOS] What interrupt options need to be enabled ?

ariga masahiro ariga@link-lab.co.jp
Mon Sep 3 07:47:00 GMT 2007


Please help me next problems.

I've been informed that when built with "net" Template,
eCos uses TCP/IP interrupt routine at default.

But although I setted ISR routine in vector table,
it appeares never enter into ISR.

My target uses IRQ 3 for ethernet interrupt so I setted vector table like 
in devs_eth_mytarget.inl.

-- in devs_eth_mytarget.inl
static lan91cxx_priv_data lan91cxx_eth0_priv_data = {
    config_enaddr : inserter_get_ESA,

#if 0
   base : (unsigned short *) SA1110_FHH_ETH_IOBASE,
   attbase : (unsigned char *) SA1110_FHH_ETH_MMBASE,
   interrupt : SA1110_IRQ_GPIO_ETH
   base : (unsigned short *) 0xa8000000,
//set vector number: (0x660/32)-14
   interrupt : 37,

And I checked next operations was executed  to register vector table
in /devs/eth/smsc/lan91cxx/v2_0/src/if_lan91cxx.c

-- in if_lan91cxx.c
    // Initialize environment, setup interrupt handler
                            99, // Priority - what goes here?
                             (cyg_addrword_t)sc, //  Data item passed to 
interrupt handler
                             (cyg_ISR_t *)lan91cxx_isr,
                             (cyg_DSR_t *)eth_drv_dsr, // The logical driver 

I perused documents again and became perplexed.
Says there are interrupt options like CYGPKG_HAL_COMMON_INTERRUPTS.
But never clearly says whether I should enable it or not.
I checked in hal.cdl and found it is setted like below.

Now I don't know this setting enables interrupts or not.
Should I need to enable this option ?
But how ?

-- in hal.cdl
        display       "HAL interrupt handling"
        flavor        none
        description   "
            A number of configuration options related to interrupt
            handling are common to most or all HAL packages, even though
            the implementations will vary from architecture to

        script        interrupts.cdl

And if there are any other options that I should enable specifically,
please le me know them.

I ask you one more favor,
if there are any way to ensure that interrupt is operating,
please teach me how should I do.

Masahiro Ariga

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