[ECOS] network problem

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Sat Sep 1 10:38:00 GMT 2007

Hi Folks

I've lost track of the different threads about memory leaks in the
network stack. It seems like one of the leaks being talked about here
was fixed a long time ago:

2003-07-28  Jay Foster  <jay@systech.com>

        * src/sys/kern/sockio.c:
        Fixed memory leak in accept() call.

Do we still need locking in socreate()? socreate calls soalloc. That
has a comment /* XXX race condition for reentrant kernel */. The
actual problem is in zalloci which does not perform locking on the
linked list of elements in the pool.

We are re-entrant? socreate() is only called from bsd_socket().
bsd_socket() should only be called from socket().  socket() performs
locking, depending on what synchronisation protocol is in
use. bsd_tcpip has no synchronisation protocol, so two simultaneous
calls to socket() could result in a race!

Could somebody please submit a full patch for socreate.

Are there any other issues left?


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