[ECOS] eCos and AT91SAM7S-EK

wavecom wavecom wavecomw@yahoo.com
Sat Jun 30 18:13:00 GMT 2007


I'm the beginner eCos user. Now I'm trying to run eCos
on the AT91SAM7S-EK. I've downloaded newest version of
eCos source code and the configtool from cvs. After
setup for AT91 I have successfully compiled eCos libs
with default compilation options except -g option. I
have removed -g option from options to  minimize size
of  kernel.
I wanted to run the “Hello, eCos world!” example, I
have compiled those examples using default Makefile
from /examples directory. Then I have downloaded
result (“examples/hello”) using SAM-BA to the 
AT91SAM7S-EK board. The board was connected to PC via
SERIAL0 and DBGU to PC where I have got 2
hyperterminals (38400 8-n-1 non-flow control). 
I'm expecting to observe “Hello, eCos world!” on one
of the hyperterminals, but after reset there was no

How should I configure or compile the example to run
How should I download compilation result to board?
Is it possible to change arm-serial port for printf
Is there any tutorial for eCos on AT91SAM7S-EK?


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