[ECOS] Build fails after CVS update

Rutger Hofman rutger@cs.vu.nl
Sat Jun 30 08:04:00 GMT 2007

Hi list,

I updated to the most recent version of the CVS list; the previous 
checkout was from last february, not too long ago; but I ran into some 

= the Legacy Flash stuff has disappeared, but I use it (I think I might 
be the only user, but still!). I can add it back of course.
= more seriously: after some conflict resolution, I can instruct 
ecosconfig to create a tree, which it does without reporting any errors. 
But it doesn't create a pkgconf/hal.h. It does create/copy a number of 
include files from my ARM configuration, like hal_arm.h

I thought many this was to do with an incompatible version of 
ecosconfig, so I rebuilt that from today's checkout. It made no difference.

Any clue how I can get a working build again?


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