[ECOS] hal_platform_setup.h usage

Alexandre thekyz@gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 17:21:00 GMT 2007

Slide wrote:
>Is writing to the LEDs that complex that you can't just rewrite the
>code somewhere else? I would think that toggling some LEDs would be
>simple, and providing a function in C even easier than the assembly.

Actually it's quite simple to toggle the leds, i was inquiring if
there was some "eCos way" to do it :)

Andrew wrote:
>You can use that macro within the setup code, ie inside
>hal_platform_setup. For application code there is often a
>function, eg the AT91 boards have hal_at91_led().

Thank you andrew i found the hal_lpc2xxx_set_leds() function, that's
exactly what i was seeking for !

So if i understand things correctly, the whole hal_platform_setup
thing is launched at startup ?

Can i modify that file to fit my platform specs ?

I'm using the olimex lpc2106 eval board package on an IAR kickstart
lpc2106 eval board and some things are a bit different here and there.

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