[ECOS] Sockets getting full..

James Hunter jhunter@aptx.com
Wed Jun 27 20:07:00 GMT 2007


We are using a PowerQuicc III (MPC8541@677Mhz - so plenty of grunt)
which is tasked with sending and receiving data over a UDP connection.
The test application is only receiving data from another external UDP

What we are seeing is almost immediately the socket is filling up with
data as if your application is not reading the data back quickly enough.

This test application spins on a Select() waiting to get packets, its
executing around ~10k times per second so fast enough to catch any
packets - we do sleep at the end of this loop.

The sending unit sends around 700 packets per second, however we receive
only around 120 (going on the results returned by Select function).
However the packets received are in order (using a sequence number) so
nothing is dropped, they just appear to fall out of Select really really
slow (we are aiming for a lot more than 700 packets per second from the

We have also extended MBUFs / Clusters as we originally were running out
at start-up (4Mb is set to the network stuff - we have 128Mb DDR2 on

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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