[ECOS] Help! Cannot simulate

Michele Portolan michele.portolan@imag.fr
Wed Jun 27 00:38:00 GMT 2007

Hello everyone,
I have eCos running nicely on my FPGA-implemented Leon2, but I cannot simulate in on modelsim. 

In fact <cyg_hal_invoke_constructors> does not seem to end correctly: each time it cause an acces at address 0x070, that if I am not mistaken is an exception.

I saw that the code for <cyg_hal_invoke_constructors> is the following:

	  void	cyg_hal_invoke_constructors (void)
		    typedef void (*pfunc) (void);
		    extern pfunc __CTOR_LIST__[];
		    extern pfunc __CTOR_END__[];
		    pfunc *p;
		    for (p = &__CTOR_END__[-1]; p >= __CTOR_LIST__; p--)
		        (*p) ();

Well, in the desassembly of my ecos executable there is no definition if symbols "__CTOR_END__" and "__CTOR_LIST__", that on the other hand are always defined when compiling without ecos.

What is the problem? I am really stuck here.....



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